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We pride ourselves on being open and upfront about what we do





1. What is the Veeve embedded network?

An embedded network takes the electrical supply from the power grid and directs it to individual addresses within a building – for example a shopping centre, an apartment building or a retirement home. This network is installed and maintained by Veeve.

When you join the network, you still receive the same reliable power from a tier-one energy provider. It’s the same electricity, but with more users on board we can negotiate a better rate from the provider.

2. Do you offer discounts?

Some bigger energy providers offer pay-on-time discounts. With us, there’s no need because your rate is discounted every day! Everything about Veeve is about making energy easier with more benefits for you.

3. Why should I sign up with Veeve?

Because by working together, the power in numbers in our network is better than being all alone with the other power companies. We’re here to provide a better, faster, friendlier service.

4. Do I have to sign up with Veeve?

No. If your building has a Veeve embedded network you are not obliged to sign up with us. However, you will be charged a ‘shadow network cost’ for accessing the electricity through our embedded network. This extra cost will be charged separately to your provider of choice’s energy only bill. Just one more reason why it makes sense to switch to Veeve.


1. How do I get connected?

Just download a sign up form, fax it back to us and we’ll take care of everything.

2. When will I receive my bill?

Every month. If you ever have any questions about your bill, we’re only too happy to talk.

3. How can I pay my bill?

We offer easy options including BPAY, credit card and Direct Debit


1. Who pays for solar? Me, my building or Veeve?

Veeve pays for the supply, installation and maintenance of the solar system.

2. What warranties and guarantees are offered in relation to any damage caused to the roof or other are

Our Veeve electrical team holds all current insurances including public liability and professional indemnity insurance to cover any damage if in the unlikely event of something occurring.

3. Are all the installers qualified and experienced?

Yes. All installations are completed by our expert and fully qualified electricians.

4. Who pays for the future maintenance of the system and any problems?

Veeve will maintain the solar system at all times with no cost to the tenant, building management or body corporate.

5. Does the solar power supply the owners’ corporation common power, or does it only supply power to in

As Veeve operates the building’s embedded network, the system will be designed to benefit all the tenants and the common area.

6. Are we paid any rebates for excess power?

Our system is designed to maximise all solar generated power, and to be consumed with no export or feedback into the grid which maximises benefits to the end users.

7. What would be installed and where?

Our expert team will determine the best sized system and position by analysing your building’s roof space and data we have for your location.

8. Will our energy bill reflect the savings from the solar usage?

Yes. Your bill will have a reduced solar tariff for periods of generation. The extent of the savings depends on many factors.

9. Is there a time when we should use the energy to gain the most advantage from the solar panels?

Yes. However, this varies from state to state. We’re more than happy to talk to you about what these times are for your site – please contact our friendly solar experts.


1. Will I receive two water bills?

Yes. Veeve will only bill you for the hot water used in your tenancy.

2. How will you know how much I use? Is my hot water metered separately?

Yes. We use the latest technology to remotely read your individually metered tenancy.

3. How often will I receive my Veeve hot water bill?

You will receive your hot water bill every month to help you keep on top of things.

4. Is there a daily supply charge?

No. With Veeve, you only pay for the hot water you use.

5. Is Veeve hot water instantaneous?

No. It is a reticulated hot water system which circulates hot water throughout the building when you need it most. These systems store hot water in a tank and reticulate it through the building keeping it hot all the time. This is the most efficient whole-building system available as it wastes less water.